Why Us?

Our clients choose us because we:
– Have a profound expertise of Jewish Heritage in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe
– Organize programmes for both individual travellers and groups of any size
– Have excellent references



Andrea is passionate about her Jewish heritage and the sites she took us to. She is warm and knowledgeable about her city and her English is wonderful (we had no trouble understanding her). We heartily recommend her.


In August 2017 I and my extended family went on an epic tour of Eastern Europe to trace and learn our family’s history. Given that my father is from Hungary and my mother from Poland, and each went through many trials and tribulations during the Holocaust, we had a lot of ground to cover. It was, therefore, a complex trip to plan and execute and I attribute its success largely to Andrea’s knowledge, connections and exacting planning. Around October of the year before the trip, I contacted Andrea with a list of cities and town we wanted to visit and a rough time frame. She got back to me with an itinerary. For me it was almost as simple as that. Andrea handled the schedule, transportation, activities, guides, and she did it not only in her native Hungary, but also in Poland and Czechia. Over the months leading up to the trip, various people often gave me suggestions about things we should do. For example, my brother heard from a friend that near Krakow, we must visit Zakopane and the Wieliczka Salt Mines. I was able to say that, yes, both are already in the itinerary. Later, someone heard we plan to visit Auschwitz, and said that you have to obtain tickets a year in advance. Not only did we have tickets, but we had a private group tour with an amazing, and incredibly knowledgeable guide.

Not only was Andrea’s planning fantastic, the execution was orchestrated to perfection. This trip was full of logistics – 5 hotels in 5 cities, multiple buses, 10 guides – and packed daily agendas. The logistics came together like clockwork. Every pickup, whether at an airport, hotel or along the way was on time. The people we worked with on the trip from Andrea herself, to the drivers and guides were a pleasure to work with, all competent, knowledgeable and accommodating. Andrea, in particular, went above and beyond the call of duty to meet us several times in Budapest and make sure that each of our events there was flawless.

I give Andrea my unreserved vote of confidence and highest recommendation. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Ruth Bergman

Haifa, Israel


Though my daughter, Ruth, wrote very passionately and eloquently about the tour the two of you organized so successfully, my wife and myself also want to add a few words of our own.  We participated in many organized tours.  Usually they run ok but sometimes problems arise.  Here we were really amazed that this multinational tour worked like a Swiss watch.  Obviously this happened so, due to your meticulous planning and caring.  I was searching the internet to find the location of the Brick factory (Teglagyar near Debrecen) and could not find it.  So, I was very surprised and happy to note that this was the first stop in Debrecen and that is where we met our very devoted guide.  I was also surprised and happy that you found the time to meet us on several occasions.  These are just examples.  It is difficult to add to Ruth’s descriptions.

So, thank you for an unforgettable experience.


Chaim and Chava Schonfeld


Jewish Budapest Tour – A Must Do For Anyone Visiting Hungary


All of us loved  exploring and experiencing our Jewish History with you!  The tour was  definitely a highlight of our trip! Thank you for an extraordinary

day!  We will never forget you,or  the emotional experience of visiting sites that are so much a part of our history. We especially touched with our visit to the Dohanney Synagogue and Memorials.


Helen Speyer



I want to thank you in the name of my whole family (27 of us) for arranging the most memorable trip of our life.

Your care in planning, arranging our transportation’s, with excellent, clean, large windowed comfortable buses and very good drivers, was appreciated. The meals, the hotel rooms, our very good in English speaking guide, all first class. You helped us in our emergency with hospitals, and helped us celebrate with a Birthday party with beautiful, delicious cake with sparklers, all transported to our destination from Budapest. Video screen, local guide, special diets, concert tickets, individual side trips, what ever we asked for or just dreamed about, was delivered in a cheerful, prompt and professional manner.

Since we came home we have recommended you to others and everyone came back with the same experience.

Thank you from all of us,

Vera Koppel,
New York.


Everything was more than great. We are pleased and all the guests are impressed. One of them, who works in the EU commission said that he only wishes that the EU ministerial conferences could be organized so smoothly!

We were lucky to find such helpers to organize our wedding in Budapest -striking locations, smooth organization, clockwork logistics – all of these made our event unforgettable for us and our guests. During the preparations we were quite concerned with the weather – it was October and some of events were planned for the open air. Andrea Medgyesi told us that she will try to control the weather, but can’t guarantee the results. It was quite an understatement – the weather was perfect!

Konstantin Akinsha
art historian, contributing editor of ARTnews.


Andrea Medgyesi was our one-stop tour operator and party planner for our twin boys bar mitzvah recently in Budapest. She was a delight to work with, and came highly recommended by a large group of friends and family who utilized her excellent services to organize a Jewish Heritage ‘roots’ trip. She handles everything from hotel reservations, using her excellent know-how of the culture and language of Hungary, while servicing the needs of her clients with a professional service and personal touch. Andrea did a wonderful job looking after every imaginable detail, and looking back our trip was both meaningful and enjoyable. Indeed, she made our entire trip ‘hassle-free’ and provided access to excellent and safe drivers and buses, and provided very detailed itineraries. We’d recommend her to anyone considering a trip to eastern Europe! Indeed, her smiling face and friendly countenance was part and parcel of the good memories of our trip.

Debby & David Saidoff
West Hempstead, Long Island, NY USA


Making a bar mitzvah, in general, is very complicated. Certainly, making a bar mitzvah in Hungary, would be close to impossible. The way Andrea Medgyesi handled all the many details and navigated through the many challenges, was incredible. The entire trip was a huge success, due to her careful planning, attention to detail, and ability to organize in such a professional manner. She’s the best!

New York


Dear Andrea,

Just a short note to most sincerely thank you and Tibor for all you did to make our recent SOS Mission a huge success.  I am so grateful to both of you and very much look forward to working with you again on our upcoming missions.  Without a doubt, this was a partnership that really works.

I do hope that our paths will soon cross again when I return to Hungary.  Until then every good wish to you, Tibor and the entire family.

All the best,



Dear Andrea and Tibor,

Thank you so much for an incredible day!  Your beautiful hearts and genuine kindness is constantly felt throughout our trip.  Tonight was a real highlight.

Thank you again!

Lyla tov



Hi Andrea,

 Boker Tov!

Thank you so much for such an incredible program.  The students tonight expressed such meaningful words and found this trip to be such an important event in their personal growth and development.

I know planning this trip was not an easy situation for you and I am so sorry for that….but I hope you realize that so many good things came out of it because of you!

We will soon be leaving for the airport and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your labor of love.

 With gratitude,

Aviva, SOS International


Hi Andrea,  I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for arranging a great tour!  We could have not enjoyed ourselves as much without your and Eszter’s detail planning and insight knowledge.  One of the most powerful experiences for me was the Shoes Memorial which was not in the guide books.  Ezster was outstanding, and I would recommend her and your services to any friends/family going to Budapest in the future.


Thank you again,

– Elliott


“We have had two of our tours organized by Andrea Medgyesi from Jewish Visitors’ Service and were extremely satisfied with her services.

Everything was organized excellently and when we had a medical emergency with one of our participants, Andrea was extremely efficient and caring!  There was nothing left undone.  Her service is one of the best we have had from a tour operator in the 26 years of organizing our tours!

 Debbie Zuberi, Jewish Historical Seminars.


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