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The beautiful city of Budapest is considered the most sophisticated of Central European capitals. Here you will find the third largest community of approximately 100 000 Jews in Europe. Jewish history dates back to Roman times, and Jews have always played an outstanding role in the city’s economic, political and cultural life. Today, Budapest has many fine synagogues, kosher restaurants and Jewish schools. The unique Dohany Street Synagogue, the most impressive and biggest in Europe, stands next to the moving Holocaust Memorial, dedicated to over 600,000 Jews who perished during the Nazi reign of terror. The Jewish Museum has a wealth of artifacts and documents relating to Jewish history in Hungary.
Budapest is definitely one more pearl strung on the Danube necklace, a vibrant metropolis offering warm hospitality and an abundance of Jewish interest.

Jewish Budapest through authentic Jewish eyes

This is not just a slogan for us. Since we all come from local Jewish families and grew up during Communism, we can give you much more than pure facts learnt in history books. We can bring you closer to Jewish history, culture and religion through a more personal approach.

In Hungary, foreign visitors will find an abundance of exciting tourist attractions, including e.g. ancient Roman ruins, the largest lake in Central Europe, extraordinary stalactite and stalagmite caves, picturesque national parks with rich wildlife, dozens of great thermal spas, one of the most magnificient capital cities in Europe, quaint small towns and charming villages. We do not only offer general sightseeing tours to the most popular and frequented tourist destinations in Hungary, but can also organise a great variety of leisure activities for visitors of special interest, for instance, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, winetasting, etc.