Party Planning

Wedding or Bar /Bat Mitzvah? Why not in Hungary?

Have you ever thought about finding a special place for your special family event?

Most of our clients choose Hungary for two reasons. On the one hand, for many of them it is an emotional decision because of their family roots and, on the other hand, here you can find Budapest – the pearl of the Danube, which is a vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis in the heart of Europe.

Hungary offers you large variety of special venues, such as:
– Synagogues in Budapest (Dohany Synagogue (3000 seats!, Old Buda Temple, or the tiny Frankel Synagogue, just mentioning a few)
– More then hundred three- to five starts hotels with superb location and facilities
– Nice boats on the River Danube from 50 seats up to 500 seats
– Turkish bath, Baroque Palaces, Art Nouveau Historical buildings, hundreds of Monuments and Museums
– Scenic landscapes of the Danube Bend and around the Lake Balaton with historic towns and fascinating palaces.
– Tokaj vineyards with Jewish historical sights around. (still standing old Synagogues, Rabbi Houses etc)

When you are thinking about Hungary do not forget, Budapest can be reached easily by many international and low cost airlines, also via international train services.

If you still have a doubt, visit our references and photo album. Get a mood for making your next event in HUNGARY!

Do you need any help to make your dream come true?

Let me offer you our company!

The Jewish Visitors’ Service is a full-service company specializing in the planning and production of special events. Creativity, elegance, and reliability are our specialties. We know that life’s milestones deserve the best. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah there is nothing like being a guest at your own special event. We are dedicated to bring you high-class catering, superb décor and great entertainment. During our long years of service and experience, we have found that the key to success is always to strive for saving your time, energy, and most importantly money.

Let us take the work out of planning and organizing your next special event, so you can relax and enjoy.