Essential Jewish Budapest Tour – through authentic Jewish eyes

Duration: 4 hours
During our tour besides the past, we are also happy to talk about our present Jewish life in Hungary and in Budapest.

This tour includes a walk in the old Jewish Quarter, interior visit of the Dohany Street Synagogue (Europe’s biggest), the Jewish Museum, the Kazinczy Street Orthodox Sy and the Rumbach Street Sy, and also see the Holocaust Memorial. After it we drive to the “Shoes Memorial” on the River Bank. This is the memorial place from where the Nazi Hungarians shot the Jews into the Danube River in winter of 1944-45. Then continue to the “Glass-house”. This is a remarkable place that, on the one hand, served as a shelter and hiding place for about 3,000 Jews saved by Carl Lutz, the Consul of Switzerland in late 1944 and, one the other hand, was also the center of the underground Zionist organization in Hungary.

Budapest Shoe Memorial