Vienna City Tour

Vienna is remarkable. Its eminent role in European history, architecture, art and music combine to embody the phrase “Old World Charm”. The city, once home to the Hapsburg Empire, claims Mozart, Schubert, Bruckner and Freud, whose lives and accomplishments are documented and celebrated in Vienna. In European Jewish history, too, the Jewry of the city played an immeasurable role, especially in the cultural life in 19th century. In the Middle Ages, from the 10th century on, a fluctuating Jewish presence in Austria is to be presumed. The first document mentioning Jews in Vienna dates back to the late 12th century.


After turbulent centuries of expulsions and pogroms, the Patent of Tolerance (1782) by Emperor Joseph II marked the starting point of a development that brought about the equality of Jews. In modern times, too, the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl developed h is ideas in and initiated his campaigns, from Vienna. Besides him, the activity of many outstanding Jewish personalities (e.g. composer Karl Goldmark, writer Arthur Schnitzler, psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, etc.) bears witness of the Viennese Jews to Austrian intellectual and scientific development. Discover the abundant wealth of Jewish history of a bustling, elegant metropolis in the heart of Europe.